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About 150 Pentecostal leaders from 30 countries in Europe gathered in Zagreb, Croatia, on the occasion of PEF’s Annual Conference held on March 2-4, 2016 at the Panorama Hotel. The conference theme was “Church Planting in Today’s Europe”, addressing the urgent need of church planting in light of the spiritual needs and the current refugee crisis in our continent.

PELLE HÖRNMARK, new Chairman of PEF

Rev. Pelle Hörnmark, (Sweden), 54 years old, is married to Tina, father to three children, and a grandfather.

His education includes building engineering, Bible college and leadership and organizational development.


The Pentecostal European Fellowship (PEF) is concerned about the situation of the refugees coming to Europe, recognizing the political, economic, humanitarian and spiritual aspects involved.


On June 23-27, 2015, PEF conducted its annual city-wide outreach, this time in Lugano, Switzerland, in cooperation with its branches (PEM and PEFY) and with 7 local churches.
It was truly a dynamic week as 60 young people from Europe, including Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Macedonia, Norway and Spain spread the message of the Gospel in the streets, parks, and squares of Lugano. Some joined in this outreach as individuals while others came in
teams, sharing the Good News in various ways and methods.

Members, Associates & Contacts

Estonia: Estonian Christian Pentecostal Church
Finland: Pentecostal Church in Finland
Swedish-speaking Pentecostal Churches of Finland (FSPM)
Iceland: Pentecostal Church of Iceland
Latvia: International Church of God Latvian Pentecostal Union
Latvian Pentecostal Union of Churches
Lithuania: Union of Pentecostal Churches of Lithuania
Norway: The Pentecostal Movement in Norway
Sweden: The Pentecostal Movement of Sweden
Belgium: Union of Flemish Pentecostal Churches (VVP)
Ireland: Church of God
The Netherlands: Assemblies of God in the Netherlands (VPE)
Austria: Free Christian Pentecostal Churches
Czech Republic: Apostolic Church
Germany: Union of Free Pentecostal Churches (BFP)
Volksmission- The People’s Mission of Decided Christians
Church of Christians – ECCLESIA
Gemeinde Gottes – Church of God
Hungary: Evangelical Pentecostal Fellowship Hungary
Poland: Pentecostal Church of Poland
Slovakia: Apostolic Church in Slovakia
Switzerland: Swiss Pentecostal Mission (SPM)
France: Assemblies of God of France
Union of Evangelical Churches of Revival (UEER)
Union of Evangelical Churches of Elim
Gypsies & Travelers International Evangelical Fellowship – Life & Light(G.A.T.I.E.F.)
Greece: Greek Synod of Apostolic Church of Pentecost
Italy: Federation of Pentecostal Churches (FCP)
The Church of Pentecost (Ghanese)
Portugal: Convention of the Assemblies of God
Fraternal – Communion of Pentecostal Churches and Organizations
Spain: Assemblies of God of Spain & Canary Islands (FADE)
Pentecostal Federation ELIM
Church of God
Armenia: Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith of Yerevan
Union of the Evangelical Faith Churches
Belarus: United Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith in the Republic of Belarus
Moldova: Pentecostal Union of Moldova
Union of Christians of the Full Gospel
Russia: Russian Union of Churches of Evangelical Faith
Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith (Union)
Ukraine: Ukraine Church Union of Evangelical Faith Christians-Pentecostal
Ukrainian Free Churches – Union of the Evangelical Christians
Bosnia and Herzegovina: Evangelical Church Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bulgaria: Pentecostal Assemblies of Bulgaria
National Alliance United Churches of God
Croatia: Evangelical Pentecostal Church in Croatia
Kosovo: Pentecostal Church of Jesus-Fellowship of the Lord’s People
Macedonia: Evangelical Pentecostal Church
Romania: Pentecostal Union of Romania
Assemblies of God Romania
Serbia: Evangelical Pentecostal Church
Christ Evangelical Church
Turkey: Association of Kurtulus Churches

Albania: Assemblies of God of Albania
Belgium: Anet – Christian Communities of Belgium
Italy: Assemblies of God in Italy (ADI)
Chiesa Cristiana Evangelica Italiana (C.C.E.I.)
USA: Assemblies of God World Missions – Europe Region

Church of God – World Missions

Belgium: French-speaking Assemblies of God (ADFB)
Denmark: Danish Pentecostal Movement
Grand Duchy of Luxembourg: Luxembourg  Pentecostal Fellowship
Switzerland: Eglise Evangélique de Réveil